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Proficient New York Attorneys Concentrate on Immigration

Engaged NYC law firm helps clients with visas, asylum and citizenship

The Law Office of Asel Mukambetova in New York, New York represents the interests of those who choose to immigrate to the United States. Armed with extensive knowledge about U.S. immigration law, our firm is ready to tackle any of the complicated circumstances that can occur for our clients, whether they are applying for a temporary visa or wish to live here on a permanent basis. To navigate what can be an intimidating process, it can be highly beneficial to retain qualified legal counsel.

New York City lawyers help immigrants and asylum-seekers

Our firm provides legal advice and assistance for those who need help with:

  • Asylum and refugee status — If you fear persecution in your country because of your race, religion, nationality, social group affiliation or opinions about politics, we can help you seek asylum and refugee status.
  • Family-sponsored immigration — If your family already lives in the United States, our lawyers can provide assistance with family-sponsored immigration. This could allow your relatives who are current citizens and lawful permanent residents to sponsor you for a visa (green card) for permanent residence.
  • Green cards — Our firm can aid you with common problems that can prevent or delay green card approval, such as a criminal record for drug trafficking or fraud, potentially needing government assistance or having a communicable disease.
  • Deportation and removal proceedings — Although many people face deportation or removal proceedings, not all of them actually get deported. We fight to help our clients remain in the country.
  • Business-based immigration — Current immigration laws allow those with skills or abilities that are needed in the United States to be admitted into the country on a temporary or permanent basis, and our firm can identify which of these might apply to your situation.

While U.S. immigration laws are among the most complex in existence and navigating this maze of confusing regulations can be a major challenge, the Law Office of Asel Mukambetova helps cut through the red tape by providing comprehensive representation regarding these and other immigration and citizenship issues.

Contact New York immigration attorneys for a free consultation

If you are facing immigration issues that you don’t know how to resolve, please call the Law Office of Asel Mukambetova in New York at 347-439-8291 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation today.